Energy Approach Workshop

A ModernIZEDAncient Wisdom



Are you looking for a REIKI training? Would you like a training that goes much further? The ENERGY APPROACH workshop offered by FRANÇOIS TESSIER, Ph.D. is divided into 6 levels and covers several disciplines. 

The next serie of workshops will start in January 2019 in Colombo area during weekends, dates and venu to be confirmed.


Energy Healing Workshops comprize 6 levels. Each of the are given over weekwends.

LEVEL 1: Basic

LEVEL 2: Advanced

LEVEL 3: Psycho Healing

LEVEL 4: Crystal Energy Healing

LEVEL 5:  Quantum Healing

LEVEL 6: Energy Healing Certification Program




After each level, the participant will receive a certificate of participation emitted by COUSELLORS AND COMPLEMENTARY THERAPISTS, a private and not for profit company registered in Sri Lanka that aims to bring its contribution to the betterment of physical and mental health in Sri Lanka. 


Energy Healing is part of Complementary, Natural and Holistic Medicine. It is a drug-free approach that needs very few equipment. Energy Healing is a millennium, an international and an intercultural "Sacred Art". This system uses the "Universal Energy" to heal the patients living with all sorts of health conditions.

"Energy" is the LIFE FORCE that keeps the body ALIVE. It is also keeping animals and plants alive. It flows through all and everything in the Universe. It is everywhere and omnipresent around us. We are bathing in an ocean of this vital energy.  In "Traditional Chinese Medicine" (TCM), "Universal Energy" is called: "Chi" or "Qi". In Indian culture, it is called "Prana" or "Shakti."

Energy Healing has many different techniques or modalities. Energy Healing does not replace classic or western medicine. It is a complementary approach to it. In fact, some doctors are using these techniques to accelerate the healing of their patients.


ENERGY HEALING WORKSHOP comprise 6 LEVELS. Each LEVEL is teached  in a distinct workshop that spread over 2 days.

In  LEVEL 1, the participants will learn the basic theory and practice of this system. The learners can rapidly obtain measurable results out of this workshop and rapidly apply these techniques to relieve pain to their family members, to their friends, to their relatives, etc.

In LEVEL 2, the participants will learn to use more advanced techniques that will accelerate the speed of healing and that will allow to heal a greater number of health problems.

In LEVEL 3, the participant will learn techniques to alleviate psychological, mental, emotional and spiritual issues.

In LEVEL 4, the participants will learn to work with different types of crystals.  Crystals are energy accelerators and capacitors. They are valuable tools that therapists can use during care.

In LEVEL 5,  advanced healers will learn and test some of the ongoing experiments that are going on right now with new Energy Healing Techniques. They will also learn how to build their own INSIGHTS on which they will base their own experiment.

LEVEL 6 is an ENERGY HEALING Certification program. It aims to train and certify advanced therapists.  It comprise a 2 days Workshop plus the accomplishment of an Energy Healing treatment plan applied on a predetermined given number of patients. The participant will have to documents its treatments with detailed explanation of the protocols followed and the outcome of the treatment plan. 


This workshop is targeting any beginners in the field of healing. The only prerequisite to follow these workshops is to have a keen interest in the area of health.  The participants can also have a background in a health field such as massage therapy, yoga, acupuncture, nursing or any other discipline. Health professionals who are interested in complementary therapies will also greatly benefit greatly from this learning because ENERGY HEALING is complementary.